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Achilles Pain in Warren, MI

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Are you experiencing pain in the heel of your foot? It may be caused by Achilles tendonitis, an inflammation of the Achilles tendon. This heel condition may be due to increased activity or stress to your feet and/or legs, and if left untreated, your condition can turn into chronic Achilles tendinosis. If you suspect that this may be the reason for your foot or ankle pain, you should consult our award-winning podiatrist for help with your Achilles pain in Warren, MI.

What is Achilles Tendonitis?

The Achilles tendon connects the calf to the heel bone. If you’re suffering from Achilles tendonitis, you may be experiencing some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Pain or swelling in your heel or calf
  • Tight calf muscles
  • Decreased range of motion in your leg or heel
  • Difficulty when flexing your foot
  • Warmth or tenderness in your heel or foot

If any of these symptoms are familiar to you, it may be time to seek professional care from a podiatrist.

What Are The Causes of Achilles Pain?

Usually, Achilles tendonitis happens when runners or athletes suddenly start to run faster or play harder than usual. Also, middle-aged people who play tennis or other sports, like basketball on the weekends, can be at risk. If this describes your current type of physical activity, taking NSAIDs such as Advil or Motrin, elevating your foot, icing the affected area, and stretching, can help alleviate some of your pain. If it persists, you should see your podiatrist as soon as possible.

The Stages of Achilles Pain

Generally, three stages occur when the Achilles tendon is inflamed.

Stage one: Peritenonitis – During this stage, there is localized pain that occurs during or after activity. As the condition worsens, the pain will often increase and intensify.

Stage two: Tendinosis – This is a degenerative condition that usually doesn’t have a lot of symptoms. However, you might experience a hard knot at the back of your leg or some swelling.

Stage three: Peritenonitis with tendinosis – During the third stage, you will experience pain and swelling with activity. As it progresses, there is a risk of rupturing the tendon.

Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment with Our Expert for Achilles Pain in Warren, MI, Today

For more information on Achilles pain or other foot and ankle issues, we invite you to call 248.362.3338 to reach our Troy office or 586.751.3338 to reach our Warren office and speak with one of our friendly team members. To schedule your new patient Dr. Weinert Foot Alignment Consultation, please click here to use our convenient online form. Your appointment includes an exam, gait analysis, fluoroscopy x-ray imaging, patient education, and an in-depth consultation with our board-certified podiatrist.

As one of the premier podiatry centers in Warren, MI, our team at Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute also provides 5-star-rated foot, ankle, and heel care to patients from Troy, Birmingham, Sterling Heights, Clawson, Madison Heights, Royal Oak, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills & West Bloomfield, MI, and surrounding areas.

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"My first visit today and the whole team was awesome..really glad I found this office and so close to home. I would recommend them to friends and family ( I already did)"

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"My life has changed remarkably with Dr Weinert! He was the first doctor who found the root cause of my chronic foot, knee and back pain. His HyproCure procedure for flat feet is truly life changing and a true miracle. Thank you for giving me my life back."

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"Dr. Weinert is not only knowledgeable in his field but he really takes the time to explain what's going on and what the options are. You can tell he truly cares and knows his stuff. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

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*The reviews listed are from actual patients of our Podiatry office. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

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