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A sports injury does not only happen with athletes but could occur with any normal person who goes out walking, running or to play recreational sports. Whether you are a weekend warrior, amateur or professional, sports injuries are a common foot problem treated at Dr. Weinert’s Troy, MI podiatric office.

We all should exercise. It is an important part in keeping weight down, improving cardiovascular health and improving symptoms with many diseases and conditions. Our bodies can only be pushed so far though and sports injuries often happen after overuse and lack of preparation and prevention.

Common Sports Injuries
Dr. Weinert treats a vast array of sports injuries. Common conditions treated at his office include fractures of the foot and ankle, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains and tears, shin splints, blisters and turf toe.

Treatments for Sports Injuries
We treat sport injuries beginning with a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of the injury and source of pain.

With injuries such as sprains, Dr. Weinert will usually require a period of rest, elevation, compression, icing and immobilization. When a fracture is involved, treatment depends on the severity of the injury. Casting and immobilization may be adequate for most but if the fracture is a through and through fracture, we’ll use screw fixation as well as cast/immobilization. Dr. Weinert has many different types of immobilization castings or cam walker boots depending on the patient and level of injury.

Dr. Weinert can also provide proper taping and strapping techniques for athletes prior to engaging in desired activity. This can help prevent injury and stabilize an existing one. Custom orthotics are also a very effective measure used with our sports injury patients to provide proper alignment of the foot and decrease foot and ankle instability.

Prevention for Sports Injuries
Sometimes sports injuries are hard to prevent, as many of them are accidents. There are however many prevention strategies that Dr. Weinert educates his patients about to help avoid injury.

  • Proper taping prior to activity
  • Adequate stretching before and after activity
  • Proper footwear - this includes correct size, good arch support, proper tread on soles and wearing the correct shoe for the specific sport.
  • Using custom orthotics inside athletic shoe, cleat or skate to keep feet in proper alignment. They will help prevent unnecessary injury, support the foot and ankle and can improve performance.

Every individual heals differently.  If you have experienced a sports injury, it is important to follow the treatment protocol provided by Dr. Weinert. Restrict activities and make decisions on a week-to-week basis. Rushing the healing process can lead to further injury and extend the healing process. 

If you have suffered a sports injury or need more information, please call our office to request an appointment.