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Troy, MI

Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute Reviews

See What Our Patients Have to Say About Their Experience with Our 5-Star-Rated Team

With over 50,000 patients helped since 2001, we have received numerous Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute reviews praising our friendly atmosphere, compassionate doctor, and state-of-the-art podiatry care. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences with our board-certified podiatrist and team.

“Just got out of Dr. Anthony Weinert’s office after having foot surgery. If you have foot pain, please go visit him as he is the best!! I just had the best surgical experience ever, really amazing. I have the same smile going out as I did going in and throughout the procedure. A private, professional, caring environment with great service, excellent experience with thorough preparation for the procedure. Super staff, great treatment and good conversation to go along with the soothing music. Most importantly, Dr. Weinert made sure I had zero pain as I was awake during the whole procedure. I really can’t thank him enough and had to write.”

Jerry L.5 star podiatry review jerry

“Dr.Anthony Weinart, Donna and his staff will stop at absolutely nothing to bring relief from foot pain. They are warm, friendly and really listen. I have been to 5 different podiatrists and wish I would have found Dr. Weinart sooner! Be open to the good doctor integrating ancient Chinese methods as well…he has alternative medicine techniques that soothe and relieve the pains I’ve been struggling with for the past 5 years. Thanks!”

Michele R.5 star podiatry review michele

“I’m very pleased with my office visit with Dr. Weinert. I had previously seen two other podiatrists who gave me no answers or relief for my foot pain. Why could I not get a proper diagnosis? Who would have known that a foot exercise and some additional help and recommendations from Dr. Weinert would give me the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not a quick fix, but I got the right direction and proper instruction to make things better. I’m very happy.”

Bess S5 star podiatry review bess

“He delivered us a polite, effective and efficient stay and finished his surgery with an excellent padding and wrap in a nice office.”

D.R.A.5 star podiatry review

“I have been going to Dr. Weinert for years and recommended many family and friends. Like me, they have all had such a wonderful experience! I had constant foot pain myself, along with back and hip pain due to very flat feet. I was not interested in surgery and Dr. Weinert uses that as a last resort anyway. So I got custom orthotics which were not covered by insurance(most do not cover this anyway) but worth every penny! The pain is gone, no more back and hip issues!!! I can walk all I want with them without pain and the orthotics have a lifetime warranty. I have had them now for years and they are still like brand new and I walk daily. I can not imagine anyone having any issue with Dr. Weinert or his staff. He his extremely kind, compassionate and wants to help you with the least invasive way, which was very important to me. I think some people will never be happy no matter WHAT you do for them. My insurance did not cover the orthotics, so what! I expected that. I tried all the crappy ones from the stores, there is NO comparison! I will tell anyone I know to go to Dr. Weinert. Anyone that is not happy there is just not happy in general in my opinion. All my friends and family have the exact same experience as I have, which is absolutely wonderful!!! I am so appreciative of everything Dr. Weinert and his staff has done for me. Thank you very very much!”

Jamie L.5 star podiatry review jamie

“I have been to the office twice now. Both visits were for my 4 year old son. They were quick to get us in. Staff was friendly and Dr. Weinert was great with my son. Would definitely recommend.”

Michelle J.5 star podiatry review michelle

“My first visit today and the whole team was awesome..really glad I found this office and so close to home. I would recommend them to friends and family ( I already did) “

Tammy Riddletammy 5 star podiatry review

“I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for 7 months now for back pain. A friend recommended I see Dr. Weinert to see if he could help. It turns out I need custom orthotics and my feet were causing my back pain. The process was very quick and simple. I received my orthotics about 10 days later. Once I started using them on a regular basis (about 5 weeks now) my pain is almost completely gone. It started getting better after about 2 weeks and I’m confident it will soon be gone. Dr. Weinert had a great personality and bedside manner. I was treated with respect and the staff was very accommodating because of my schedule. I would recommend Dr. Weinert and his staff without hesitation.”

Al Ayoub5 star podiatry review al ayoub

“My life has changed remarkably with Dr. Weinert! He was the first doctor who found the root cause of my chronic foot, knee and back pain. His HyproCure procedure for Flatfeet is truly life changing and a true miracle. Thank you for giving me my life back.”

Haley Bayer5 star podiatry review haley

“Dr. Weinert is the real deal and is funny, intelligent and has an incredible bedside manner. His office is absolutely beautiful and very clean. He also has a friendly staff that made me feel at home. I will definitely refer him to my family and friends if they ever have foot problems.”

Dave Foose5 star podiatry review dave

“So happy my friend told me about Dr. Weinert. I seen 4 other doctors for the same problem and he was the only one who figured out the problem and now I am happy and pain free. A definite 5+ star doctor!”

Paul Davis5 star podiatry review paul

“Excellent staff and Dr. Weinert is skilled and compassionate! I highly recommend him if you are ever in need of a podiatrist!”

Brandi Lyn5 star podiatry review brandi

Dr. Weinert is not only knowledgeable in his field but he really takes the time to explain what’s going on and what the options are. You can tell he truly cares and knows his stuff. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Lyndsay Phillips5 star podiatry review lyndsay

“Absolutely wonderful experience! Dr. Weinert and staff were very friendly and made me feel very comfortable.”

Curtis Preston5 star podiatry review curtis

“The entire staff was friendly, courteous, knowledgeable. I was very happy with everyone. Dr. Weinert took the time to explain every aspect of what he was doing, was going to do, what needs to be done, etc. Answered all of my questions. I did not feel rushed at all. I even received a “first time patient” welcoming gift, which I thought was wonderful.”

Angela M.5 star podiatry review angela

As one of the premier podiatry centers in Troy, MI, our team at Stop Feet Pain Fast Institute also provides 5-star-rated foot, ankle, and heel care to patients from Birmingham, Sterling Heights, Clawson, Madison Heights, Royal Oak, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills & West Bloomfield, MI, and surrounding areas.