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Troy, MI

A pilot from Air Canada shares his life-changing story on how a Michigan foot doctor, Dr. Anthony Weinert, changed his life through a revolutionary procedure performmed to both his feet. Dr Weinert is a foot and ankle specialist who has practice locations in Warren and Troy Michigan.  He is a board certified foot surgeon and Master Surgeon of the Hyprocure procedure.  Dr Weinert was also designated as the first and only Hyprocure Center of Excellence in Michigan.

The following is the life-changing testimonial of Air Canada pilot, Raj Selvaraj:

My name is Raj Selvaraj, from Toronto, Canada. Dr. Weinert and the Hyprocure procedure he performed
on both of my feet late last year have made a profound difference in my life. What follows is a brief

I had been suffering from increasingly debilitating foot pain for a long five years before meeting Dr.
Weinert. My job as a commercial pilot requires a substantial amount of walking, and I was growing
increasingly concerned that I’d be unable to perform my duties if the condition continued to worsen.
It was disheartening to say the least that the walking involved could possibly cause me to give up the
dream job I’d worked so hard for, when the flying itself posed no problems and I could manipulate the
controls perfectly. After a long day of walking I would be in a great deal of discomfort. Of course I also
had to consider the prospect of losing my earning ability.

Like many, many people who are experiencing chronic pain, I tried a variety of things to fix the issue, but
the problem, in the end, was with the diagnosis. After visiting several top podiatrists and foot specialists
in the Greater Toronto Area and even flying to a specialist in Vancouver, I was still unable to get any
relief. I spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on techniques – laser therapy, xx therapy, chiropractic
care – and custom orthotics and specialty shoes, all to no avail. Eventually, I had to concede that I may
not be able to cure myself and actually decided I would be willing to have my feet amputated if it meant
I could get prosthetics and walk ‘normally’ again; my frustration and hopelessness were at an all-time
high when I heard about Hyprocure surgery.

I am an avid researcher, and after looking into this procedure very thoroughly and also speaking with my
podiatrist and several specialists about it, I contacted Dr. Weinert. He was helpful, friendly, and – key –
knowledgeable and confident.After extensive training, he had done over 500 of these surgeries and
came very highly recommended; even my own specialist in Toronto suggested I go to him, as there is no one in Canada with Dr. Weinert’s experience level. All of these factors led me to choose him and to drive the 12 hour round trip to Michigan for a consultation, even though I could possibly have the expense covered in Canada and not if done in the US. Those with debilitating pain will understand that I was willing to spend my savings if it meant permanent, real relief from the situation.

The promises seemed grand: patients who had undergone this surgery had progressed from barely
walking to jogging, playing basketball, and hiking. Was this really possible for me? Sure enough, on-
site x-rays showed me without doubt that the problem was in my ankles, which collapsed with every
step. Being able to see this so clearly made the decisions easy; it was the exact issue that Dr. Weinert’s
surgery has so successfully addressed for others. No wonder orthotics and special shoes didn’t help.
Why hadn’t the other specialists been able to diagnose this? I still don’t know, but I no longer care. I
had the first surgery, on my right foot, in September of 2012, and after a couple of months of healing
had the left foot done. Due to Dr. Weinert’s professionalism and expertise, the procedures and the
subsequent healing went extremely well. He and his staff were patient and informative, and I felt very
reassured throughout.

The transformation is significant. It will, naturally, take time for all my tendons and ligaments to adjust
to the new alignment of my feet, and although this causes me some discomfort, I am experiencing far
less pain than I did before, and I have regained my mobility and freedom. I am back to work with no
problems save for the normal fatigue one might feel in their feet after a long day of walking. I have
joined a gym and go often, which is something I love doing and which was simply not possible for me
before. I am like a new man; my future, and my normal life, have been restored.

Dr. Weinert and all of his staff, without exception, have been caring and professional. I cannot
recommend this procedure enough for people for whom it is appropriate; it is a lifesaver. Thank you, Dr.