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What is Neuropathy?
Neuropathy occurs when nerves in the body are weakened and/or damaged. Other names you may hear relating to it are nerve pathology or peripheral neuropathy. There are a high percentage of people that suffer from this condition. Dr. Weinert has found that many people don’t come in to be seen because they think it’s normal or that it will eventually go away.

There are numerous factors that can cause nerve pathology such as vitamin deficiency, alcohol, high blood sugar, diabeties, nerve entrapment and trauma.

What are the Symptoms and Complications of Neuropathy?
Throughout years of treating diabetic patients, Dr Weintert has seen and treated all the common symptoms that typically accompany neuropathy. Usually a patient complains of numbness, burning, shooting and tingling sensations in one foot or both feet. Sometimes they describe those sensations radiating up the leg, often happening at night when trying to fall asleep. Many patients often experience a pins and needles type of sensation in the ball of their feet or the bottom of the feet, which can also radiate up into the ankle and to the leg. 

One complication of neuropathy is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, which occurs when an entrapped nerve gets inflamed and compressed.  Neuromas are also treated in patients with neuropathy. This is when nerves become inflamed and cause you to feel as though you have a pebble or a rock permanently in the ball of your foot. It can create heat, swelling and discomfort. Some describe it as a hot rock in the foot and try to massage the area to alleviate the pain.

How is Neuropathy Treated?
Dr. Weinert has treated neuropathy in many patients over the years with excellent results. One very effective treatment option is special medication that is given in a series of injections. This treatment process restores the nerve to properly function again allows the patient to have normal symptoms. Dr. Weinert also finds it crucial to attempt to correct the pathology within the foot structure that’s causing mal alignment.

Many medicines out there simply mask the nerve pain problem and can have some pretty serious side effects.  Dr. Weinert has been seeing excellent results in his neuropathy and nerve pain patients who use a natural supplement called Metanx. This supplement, that contains vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid, works internally to heal the damaged nerve and increase blood circulation going to the nerve to nourish it. Taken for two to six months, Dr. Weinert has seen neuropathy symptoms reversed with this type of treatment.

If a patient has primarily a nerve entrapment problem, providing them with a good custom orthotic could alleviate symptoms and help prevent further issues from occurring.

Prevention of neuropathy usually depends upon what it’s caused from. If it’s from high blood sugar, a patient needs to monitor their sugar levels closely. If it is from alcohol, then a patient needs to decrease alcohol intake.

If the condition is not treated, what could happen?
If neuropathy isn’t treated then what will eventually happen is the condition will worsen and eventually have a negative impact on the patient. Untreated or ignored cases of neuropathy can result in deformity in nerves, muscles and tendons in the foot. This will not only cause pain in the foot but also lead to problems in the knees, hip and lower back for the patient. In some cases, a patient can get to a point, where nerves are so damaged that the condition becomes irreversible.

Neuropathy symptoms and nerve pain can be treated and corrected with early intervention. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.